Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone coated steel roofing presents a certain upscale style that cannot be mimicked by any other type of shingle. They are made to match any style of home, and can match the look of more expensive and less durable shingles such as wooden shake shingles. The key selling point to this type of roof is that they can be painted in many different schemes so you can match the area you live in. Most Mediterranean style homes use this type of shingle and have them painted the color orange to really match this exotic home style that you do not see very often in the US Buffalo Metal Roofing

The idea behind this type of special shingle is to have a roof that will last you a very long time. Because these shingles are stone coated and made of steel, they are very resistant to bad weather, heavy rains, wind damage, and any other type of damage that traditional shingles are vulnerable to. Another reason why these steel shingles are coated with stone is so that they are not loud during rain storms. This coating also directly protects the steels from suffering from wear and tear. If you live in an area that is no stranger to heavy thunderstorms, you should definitely look into replacing your existing roof with this special kind of shingle.

Most types of shingles are unable to replicate the look of an old-style cedar shake roof. This type of roof is made completely of cedar plank, and has a very distinct characteristic of looking very high end. Stone coated shingles can be installed to mimic this type of roof right down to color matching. The reason people would rather have stone coated steel shingles is because they last longer than cedar shingles, and they cost much less. Why spend more on a product that will not last as long when you have this product as an alternative.

Other styles can be presented by stone coated steel shingles as well. Many people like the modern look of slate roofs. This type of roof appears to not have any shingles at all. Stone coated shingles can not only match this type of appearance, but also look even sleeker than other types of applications. Either way, roofs are in place for one main reason, to protect the top of your home. What better way is there to protect the roof of your home by having shingles installed that are made of steel and stone?

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